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Engage your audience in
peer-to-peer fundraising.

PWI GroupGive

Find Out How PWI GroupGive Can Help Your Nonprofit Grow.

Create, Promote and Grow

Encourage your supporters to create a GroupGive campaign and raise money on your behalf. Whether it is by running a race, a birthday celebration or another personal challenge, your supporters can inspire their family and friends to donate to your cause.

Get new donors and reach new networks of people through peer-to-peer fundraising with GroupGive.

Sharing & Donations

Give your supporters resources to promote their GroupGive campaigns. Your supporters can launch a campaign in minutes and share it with their family, friends, colleagues and more on social media platforms.

Your supporters’ family and friends have the opportunity to choose a custom donation amount and follow along as your supporters approach your fundraising goal.


Customizing a GroupGive project is easy. Supporters simply click the background image to add a photo, insert a quote, and write about why they are inspired to fundraise for your nonprofit.

Track Progress

You can categorize projects and track the progress for any upcoming events, trips, or
campaigns. The Summary page allows you to watch as your loyal supporters raise money for your cause.

GroupGive Calculator

Estimate the money you can raise through GroupGive by plugging in your project goals.


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