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Nonprofit Products

Explore PWI products designed to help nonprofits reach their full potential. Each product is built specially for your nonprofit to help grow and reach beyond your goals.


PWI Apps

PWI Storyteller

Storyteller is an app that crowdsources stories about your organization, allowing various audiences to connect to your mission through a personal lens.

PWI Swipe

PWI Swipe is a way for your supporters to commit to giving their spare change to your organization each month.

PWI Auction

PWI Auction is designed to take your next auction digital, offering a place for your supporters to bid for items, buy raffle tickets, and more—all in one hub. Low attendance at live auctions, solved.

PWI Convene

Convene is a conference app that enhances attendees experiences by extending the conference to the convenience of mobile devices. Centralize your conference information and keep everyone informed. PWI Convene is an easy way to manage your event experience, track attendees and schedules, and gather feedback.

PWI Software

PWI GroupGive

Make supporters advocates for your cause. Users can launch a fundraising campaign to benefit your nonprofit and have friends and family support them on their journey.

PWI Soapbox

Manage your posts and stay on top of your social media presence all in one place. With PWI Soapbox, you can easily schedule, manage, and publish content for your social media platforms in one location.

PWI Events

Make managing your event easy with PWI Events. Create event pages for any retreat, fundraiser, performance or event you may have. Then promote events to your users and the PWI network.

PWI Crowdfund

Simplify your fundraising appeal—make a goal, create incentives, and watch your supporters rally around your cause. Crowdfunding makes donations tangible—your donors can see a progress bar and share what your organization is doing with their network.

PWI Form Builder

It doesn’t have to be complicated. PWI FormBuilder brings everything you need to build a trackable, customizable, and shareable form for your next survey.

PWI Stories

PWI Stories allow you to write and publish your stories about your nonprofit or incidents that have an impact. Sharing a story is easy and effective with PWI.

PWI Text2Give

PWI Text2Give is a simple way for donors to donate to your nonprofit. Your users will text [Your Organization’s name] to a secure number that receives donations. Users will go through our simple donation process.

PWI Fund

Up to 25% of each purchase your supporters make from over 1,800 PWI Fund vendors will go straight to your organization, at no extra cost to you or your supporters. With little effort, even your least likely donors can become givers— just by online shopping.

PWI Resources

PWI NonProfit Profile

Customize your PWI Profile to fit your needs, then let us share your organization with more than 5 million users — and counting. Tell people where you are, what you do, and the causes you do it for!

PWI Marketing

As you strive to change the world, we’ll help you tell your story using unique, data-driven marketing strategies. We know that using a full-service marketing agency is normally out of the questions for most nonprofits, so we want to offer our marketing expertise to nonprofits on our site at significantly discounted rates for every nonprofit that signs up to be on our website.

Google Ad Grant

Stress free and successful Google Ads management and grant acquisition at the lowest cost you’ll find for your nonprofit. PWI is a certified Google Partner that can help your nonprofit apply for and manage a grant that can significantly increase your web traffic.

PWI Resources

PWI Resources is a dedicated library is full of ebooks, marketing material, and walkthroughs, specifically created to give you and your team new ways to raise more money, get more visibility, and improve your operations.

PWI Shoutout

PWI Shoutout is a way for you to expand your visibility by getting in front of our social media networks. Simply send us the message that you want us to post, and we will give your organization a shout out!

PWI Pressbox

Through PWI Pressbox, PWI will write and release an article about your organization to a series of well-known newspapers online. PWI will write and release an article about your organization to a series of well-known newspapers.

PWI Support Center

When you join PWI, you can expect a team of advocates—working as hard as we can to help you succeed. We are dedicated to helping you increase your visibility, raise more funding, and broaden your impact.
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