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Explore PWI products designed to help nonprofits reach their full potential.
Each product is built specially for your nonprofit to help grow and reach beyond your goals.



Raise money with every tab you open and every search you make.


Supporters can donate spare change from everyday transactions.


A peer-to-peer fundraising platform.


A nonprofit
crowdfunding platform.


Give a percentage of your purchase to the organization you love.


Give with just one text.


Make your next auction digital.


Credit Card Processing Made for nonprofits.


Ad Grant

Unlimited Expert Google Ad Grant Management.


Capture testimonial videos from your network with ease.


Social media scheduling software.

Landing Pages

Page building made simple and easy.


Raise awareness by placing your mission in front of your audience.


Share your message with PWI’s audience of over 25,000 followers.


Connect with your audience and the world through storytelling.


Discounted marketing servicesstarting at $50/hr.


Charity CRM

Nonprofit centered customer relationship management.


Easy to use event page.


An easy to use conference app.


Resources to help increase funding, expand visibility and improve operations.


Create forms quickly and easily.

nonprofit support

Easy Access to Our Nonprofit Success Team.

Fundraising Tools

PWI Search

PWI Search functions alongside the PWI Fund browser extension and allows users to simply download the extension and raise money by continuing their regular web browsing.

PWI Swipe

PWI Swipe is fully functional on desktop or mobile. Once a donor sets their credit or debit cards, they won’t need to do anything else to begin donating change from their purchases.

PWI GroupGive

If your nonprofit is in need of a fundraising appeal that engages a millennial audience, peer-to-peer hits the mark. Allow your supporters to make a difference and advocate for your cause with PWI GroupGive.

PWI Crowdfund

Crowdfunding makes donations tangible—your donors can see a progress bar and share what your organization is doing with their network. The best part? These donations are never conditional, so even if you don’t meet your goal, the money raised will still go to you.

PWI Shopping

Shopping functions alongside the PWI Fund browser extension and allows users to simply download the extension and raise money as they shop on all our partnered online stores.

PWI Auction

Manage your auction items, track bidding, contact winners, and run your auction on the go. Auction and raffle items can be added individually with descriptions, values, images, and more. Add as many items as you like.

PWI Text2Give

PWI Text2Give is a way for your supporters to make meaningful donations, instantly. All you have to do is share your Text2Give code—automatic replies will direct your supporters through the simple donation process.

PWI Processing

Thousands of nonprofits have worked to find the best credit card processing rates and we would love to help you get the same unbeatable rate.

Visibility Tools

PWI Profile

Your PWI Profile is totally customizable to fit your needs—just use the features that are important to you. Share your mission statement, add images to showcase your work, and link your social media accounts.

PWI Shoutout

Share about your mission, upcoming events, fundraising projects, and more by visiting the PWI Shoutout submission page. Submit your message and inspire our audience.

PWI Ad Grant Management

Project World Impact is a Google Certified Partner. Our Google Ad experts guarantee increased web traffic and enhanced visibility to your organization. We offer a holistic approach to ads that was created to maximize your grant.

PWI Storyteller

The idea is simple. Your supporters share their stories about working with you. While users instantly post to their personal social media, you are collecting a treasure-trove of testimonials about your organization.

PWI SoapBox

Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. When you schedule posts, you can set them to go to just one, or multiple platforms at once.

PWI Marketing

PWI Marketing is a way for you to expand your visibility by getting in front of our social media networks. A results-driven marketing company that has a proven track record of success.

PWI Stories

With PWI Stories, you have a place to write and publish content about your nonprofit. Share updates from the field, stories about the lives you touch, or future goals that are on the horizon.

PWI Landing Pages

Simplify the way your supporters connect with you using the PWI tools and Landing Pages that you can customize to make look like your own.

Operations Tools

PWI Charity CRM

PWI Charity CRM is a simple, interactive platform that allows you to store, track, and communicate with your supporters. Stay up to date with all your supporter’s information and activity, and spend less time sorting through data by using PWI Charity CRM.

PWI Resources

PWI Resources is a dedicated library full of ebooks, marketing material, and walkthroughs, specifically created to give you and your team new ways to raise more money, get more visibility and improve your operations.

PWI Events

Do you ever wish you could advertise your events to a wider audience? PWI Events allows you to capitalize on a new network of thousands of cause-minded individuals who care about the work you’re doing.

PWI Convene

Your conference attendees can check the conference schedule, take notes, browse the line-up of speakers and navigate the conference venue.

PWI Form Builder

Choose a custom theme that best reflects your organization and upload an image of your nonprofit logo or branding.

PWI Support Center

We know what works, but we also know what makes your nonprofit different. You can always expect individualized plans to best suit your organization’s unique needs.
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